Rayes Harbi, From Tayea’ TV Series, Is Officially The Most Hated Villain of Ramadan 2018!

حربي قتل مهجة بدم بارد وسط ذهول وصدمة الجميع

#طايع مش قادر يصدق ان #مهجة ماتت بين ايديه

Posted by Amr Youssef on Saturday, June 2, 2018

Egyptian series addicts have been literally mourning this week, especially Tayea’ fans. Amr Youssef and Saba Mubaraks’ Ramadan series have left us on an intense emotional roller coaster since the first episode. And while we were kind of enjoying the thrill, now we’re just heartbroken.

The villain of all villains, Rayes Harbi played by Amr Abdel Gelil, has managed to leave us in tears and explosive anger last night. Long gone are the days where villains were simply bad guys we love to hate. We actually felt like we’ve lost one of our own after Fawaz, Taye3’s brother played by Ahmed Dash, was killed by Harbi. We naively believed that’s as bad as it will get but last night episode was something else.

المشهد ده عظيم ?فواز مات?#طايع

Posted by Hesham Gaber on Friday, June 1, 2018

Taye3, the man who has been escaping a family “tar” for years, finally got caught in a web of lies and black agendas and lost his wife, Mohga. We’ve been mesmerized by their forbidden love story and losing Saba Mubarak last night was heart-wrenching.

We just can’t see how Tayea’ can get out of this mess. Killing Rayes Harbi twice wouldn’t even be enough after losing a brother, wife, and an unborn child. Abdel Gelil has played an exceptional role this year. Portraying a Ramadan villain has never felt that real in just 15 episodes.

WE SAID THIS: We hate you Harbi with all our guts. Get killed already!