Hany Adel: You Are Made of Dreams and Cotton Candy, Just Marry Us All Already

I always keep asking myself, what is it about Hany Adel that makes him so desirable? Is it the salt-and-pepper hair that gives him a mature vibe? Maybe because he sounds like a damn angel when he sings, or it might be the way he effortlessly blossomed into one hell of an actor in no time. Honestly, whatever the reason is, we don’t care, we just need more of it.

While some people find inspiration and romance in Rumi’s quotes and viral bubble gum ads, we find hope in relationships on Hany Adel’s Facebook account. Let me tell you, you can build a whole fictional relationship with his social media. It is basically a manual on how to treat women.

He says exactly what every woman wants to hear and I can’t help but read his statuses in his singing voice. I know, super creepy, but I’m way past caring. Girls, we might have found the number one bachelor in Egypt. Here is some proof:



Now, I have a problem with this very painful status



When I drink coffee, I think of fat-free milk, flavor and sometimes bo2somat when I’m deep and contemplating. After reading this, I will only think of Hany Adel’s dreamy eyes, staring at a girl and telling her this killer line. Talk about trauma for life.



A few words that scream, “I am Alpha”



Damn it. You are raising the bar really high for men and we will expect them to verbally spoil us even if they just came back from work, hungry as hell after two hours of traffic. You are practically ruining marriages as you type.



He knows that a woman will go bat-shit crazy on him if he doesn’t treat her right, yet he still sounds fascinated



Don’t worry, lover boy, we’ll never bite your head off… unless you cheat, of course.



This is how he talks about his daughter



I can’t stop thinking of all the Egyptian dads who throw a shebsheb at you if they’re on the phone and you’re doing something wrong.



Yes, yes, yes!



This is hotter than a Calvin Klein underwear commercial.



Bas ya Hany ba2a



This is what happens when a man made of cotton candy gets a Facebook account and shares a status. It is disgustingly awesome.



We’re not crying…



There’s just something in our eyes. Whatever, breakups are easy.



I adore this but we need to face it: This is not ‘The Notebook’ where I can confess my undying love to Hany in the rain



Rain means traffic, so you’ll never get there in time. Just stay home and watch TV.






At this point, anything sounds more romantic with Hany Adel.



2ool ya Hany, 2ool. It will most probably be the most beautiful word that humanity has ever been introduced to.


Screen Shot 2015-11-07 at 10.50.51 PM



Now that I showed you all scientific AKA Facebook proof that this guy is a dream boy, Hany Adel, I hope I never see you in real life because if you turn out to be not as freaking awesome as you are on social media, I will lose hope in the male gender and the Y chromosome for life. Seriously, like permanent irreversible damage.



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