Hamda Taryam: A Tribute To A Trailblazing Racer & Adorned Philanthropist

Last Saturday, UAE woke up to the news of the death of UAE’s trailblazing Drag Racer Hamda Taryam, a car lover and philanthropist adored by many.

Taryam, who died at age 24, began her racing career when she was a teenager. In an interview with Khaleej Times last August, Taryam expressed how her love for cars began early. When she was only 15, Taryam dedicated a sum of money to buy her first vehicle, a second-hand car.

Via Times Now

In her early years in the game, Taryam, just like anyone her age, enjoyed spending money on the little pleasures of life; yet, she confesses in the same interview that, over time, this habit made her feel empty inside. It was since then that Taryam experienced a turning point in her life, leading her to become the philanthropist she is today.

Taryam’s legacy extends beyond the racetrack; she built a school in Uganda, and seeing how it mattered for the orphans, she decided to build the “Hamda Community Healthcare” that’s now serving hundreds of people.

In her Khaleej Times interview, she described the feeling of meeting the school orphans as “the most beautiful in the world.”

Taryam’s Need for Speed didn’t only take place on the race tracks. Her passion for the sport got her a role in Netflix’s The Fastest, a show dedicated to showcasing the beauty and thrill-fullness of the game and gathering racers from the Middle East to showcase their talent.

Several musicians paid tribute to the young racer, Hussain al-Jassmi among them, who wrote on X, giving tribute to a Taryam.

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