Awesome Artists We Are Now Following Post Dubai’s Al Quoz Arts Fest At Dubai

Over a two-day jam-packed weekend, Dubai’s Quoz Arts Fest brought over a kaleidoscopic mix of art, music, contemporary dance, and much more to its attendees.

Alserkal Avenue turned into a massive immersive space where the traditional concept of art and hung paintings took a turn on its head.

Here are some awesome artists we’re now following after witnessing their installations, exhibitions, and performances at Dubai’s Al Quoz Arts Fest.

Artists With The Coolest Installations & Exhibitions

All across the venue were out-of-the-box installations and exhibitions that defied the norms of what is considered art.

Muhannad Shono – A Forgotten Place

One of the installations we loved was ‘A Forgotten Place,’ created by Muhannad Shono, who’s a multi-disciplinary Saudi Artist known for large-scale technological installations.

In the fest, he tapped into his innovative prowess by creating an ecological artwork of water carried from air conditioning units inside warehouses to irrigate a garden of plants.

Yuri Suzuki – Echoes of Nature

Japanese Artist Yuri Suzuki’s eclectic acoustic installation, ‘Echoes of Nature’ was also a standout experience for many, as it offered an immersive experience of a built interactive sound environment made up of elongated pipes and horns, some of the elements which could be taken home by attendees.

Dipesh Pandya – Let The Record Show

The one installation that truly turned heads at the Quoz Arts Fest was Dipesh Pandya’s ‘Let The Record Show,’ as it was a live performance and installation all wrapped into one.

Pandya is unlike any other artist because he is all about fleshing out different personas and identities through installations, performances, and spoken word.

The performance involved a car stationed in the middle of the Quoz Arts Fest with a man inside dressed in South Asian attire who performed the written word.

Artists With The Best Performances

Beyond art, the entire venue was graced by a unique collection of concerts and performances from a special lineup.

Basma Choir – Vocal

On stage, the crowd enjoyed the vocals of the Basma Choir, an Arabic Choir based in Abu Dhabi performing different kinds of oriental Arab music like Khaligi and Levantine.

Sima Dance Company – Dance

The Contemporary Dance Company based in Dubai, Sima, entertained the audience with their magical dance performance, ‘The Birds Were Not Singing.’ This was actually in collaboration with Yuri Suzuki’s ‘Echoes of Nature’ installation. It was such a vibe!

The Synaptik & Stick No Bills – Music

Hyping the energy, there were also live performances by Palestinian-Jordanian 27-year-old artist The Synaptik (hip hop) and Dubai-based DJ duo Stick No Bills specialized in South Asian sounds.

The Synaptik Via Instagram

Usha Jey – Choreography

While not a performance per se, Usha Jey, a Paris-based Tamil Dancer and Choreographer gave a choreography class at the festival. This was among the wide range of classes that were available for guests to attend.

With so much to experience in merely two days, the Quoz Arts Fest has proven itself to be the ultimate festival to hit up for a jam-packed weekend. We’re definitely looking forward to what next year’s edition has in store and to meeting all the artists.

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