Giza Governorate Establishes the First Women “Safe” Zone in Egypt!

By Nivert Walid 

Have you ever dreamed of having a spot for women only where you can feel safe and secure more than ever before? Your dreams are coming true as Giza has become the first governorate in Egypt to include a special zone for women and girls.

The Giza Governor General, Mohamed Kamal El-Daly, and US Deputy Chief of Mission, Dorothy Shea, inaugurated the first hub for women and girls in the suburb of Imbaba.

Via الشرق تايمز

The zone features a beautiful park designed to allow girls to practice man activities freely, a closed area dedicated to exhibiting projects and handicrafts made by women and girls. Moreover, various awareness seminars will take place regularly inside the area.

According to Manal Awad, Deputy Governor of Giza for Community Service and Environmental Development, this project is an implementation for the Empowerment of Women 2030 national strategy prepared by the National Council for Women.

It’s worth mentioning that The US Agency for International Development (USAID) has funded the zone as part of the United Nations Women’s Authority in cooperation with the Egyptian National Council for Women. The Safe Cities programme is part of the $30 billion that the American people have invested in Egypt through USAID since 1978.

WE SAID THAT:  this program will ensure that women and girls are socially, economically, and politically empowered. It will also help them to confront harassment and protect themselves from all forms of violence.

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