Cannes 2018: Egyptian Movie “Yomeddine” Awarded the Francois Chalais

Via: Yomeddine FB page

By Nada Hamouda

The Egyptian movie “Yomeddine”, Arabic for “Day of Judgment,” was awarded the Francois Chalais Prize, for its coexistence representation, at the Cannes Film Festival on Friday, 18 May.

Yomeddine is written and directed by Egyptian-Austrian, Abu Bakr Shawky, an NYU graduate. He proved to be a super talented filmmaker dealing with nonprofessional brand new actors. “When we made the movie, we wanted to show a different kind of Egypt, and I’m very glad we had the opportunity to show it to the world,” Shawky said in an interview.

Via: Facebook

Starring Radi Gamal, Ahmed Abdelhafeez, Osama Abdullah, Adel Boumbeh, and Mahmoud Fares, the movie talks about two nobodies, a leper and a Nubian orphan who were rejected by everyone. Therefore, they decided to search for their roots. Yomeddine was shot in the magical oases of Egypt.

Moreover, the Film Producer, Dina Emam, was honored by Variety Magazine as one of the “10 Producers to Watch in the year 2018”. Dina’s passion and determination helped bring Yomeddine to life against all odds.

“It’s a film with heart. I was willing to do anything to get it done,” Emam expressed on her experience bringing Yomeddine to life.

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