Ramadan Series “Layali Eugenie” Casts Some of the Most Gorgeous Women in the Region

The women of Layali Eugenie are too much. There, I said what everyone else is thinking. That tv series somehow managed to cast some of the most gorgeous women from around the region. While Amina khalil’s charisma is nothing new to us. Afterall, the girl has been leaving quite the impression for the past few years. But this Ramadan is all about Asma Abul-Yazeid and that gorgeous specimen of a human being, Carmen Bsaibes.

Asma is blessed with what I call “the subtle beauty”, where you look at her and she defies every beauty standard we’ve been brainwashed to accept in Egypt. Her skin tone, the round facial features, her black hair, and eyes are what we call common. Yet, this young actress has completely altered beauty standards on Egyptian television. She is STUNNING despite having the features stars try to change. She is a live version of Princess Moana. Asma is a representation of what most Egyptian women look like and we’re obsessed with her.

Now to the jaw-dropping stuff and that is Carmen Bsaibes. The second this Lebanese actress shows up on the screen, everyone watching goes Ooooh and Aaaah. Effortless beauty, minimal makeup, gorgeous hair, facial bone structure from heaven, and her poise and grace are just ridiculously impressive. And that accent? Yes, please I’m taking whatever you’re selling. Carmen, we need more of you in our lives. You make us want to go to the gym, be healthy, and throw away that Konafa Nutella, yet that’s not merely enough. Sigh! Such a unique lady.

WE SAID THIS: And have you watched Ingi El-Mokadem as an Italian chef? Unbelievable.

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