Get Summer Ready With These Local Swimsuit Brands For Men!

Via DXBeach

The summer season has officially begun and everyone is getting their travel gear ready! However, what’s more important than getting your travel plans ready is getting that beach body ready! Some get their summer body ready in the gym, while others, like myself, get it ready at burger joints.

Regardless of how committed you were to your beach body goals, you might still need to buy some cool new swimsuits to enjoy your dose of vitamin sea.

Here are some local brands you should consider while shopping for your next favorite swimsuit!


DXBeach is Dubai’s first men’s beachwear brand! The brand has amazing designs and is known for its premium quality.


Via Maksters

Maksters is a luxurious brand that true gentlemen appreciate. Although founded by the Egyptian Makki Brothers, the brand shined on the international level; being based in London and found in Paris and Dubai. Their beachwear collection is everything.


Via Psych

Psych is a local brand that sells hoodies and t-shirts with the coolest prints. Their swimsuit collections for men is amazing as well.

Kai Collections

Via Kai

Another brand to consider while shopping for swimsuits is Kai Collections. Their designs and quality speak for themselves.


Via Magma

Magma is a sportswear brand that produces high-quality products. Their shorts are flexible and breathable. They’re perfect if you’re planning to work out by the beach.

Elvis Swimwear

Elvis is a new promising swimwear brand that everyone is checking out for this summer. The turtle print they have is the cutest thing I’ve seen all year.

WE SAID THIS: These brands will definitely spice up your summer wardrobe!