Generations: A Scoop of Gen. Z’s Economy

By Mohamed Karrem

Money pushed gen. Z to its limits

Gen. Zer’s economical life wasn’t too bad in Egypt until the financial crisis in 2008 hit, and the evidence is now mounting that they have learned from their elders’ obstacles and financial problems.

They are more self-motivated to work at a young age ensuring they avoid what happened to their parents, but at the same time, they are not money-driven employees and when they are not passionate about what they do for a living, they tend to quit. They aren’t waiting for the government to hire them, as a matter of fact, they are trying to create their own path in their own way.

It’s hard to say that they are lucky with the age of social media, on the one hand, it serves them by creating new opportunities that can change their whole life and it also keeps them updated with new feeds being constantly updated about their friends, country, region, and even the outer world. However, social media also has its cons since the glamorous life that is always being shown can develop negative connotations.

Gen. Z’s secret weapon

Additionally, social media can blare the truth out to the public by a click and surprisingly, it played a significant role in exposing the real economic state of Egypt and it then became the main factor that drove the Egyptian revolution to arise. It was shocking to figure out how much the regime was trying to mask the reality that we used to live in and how it exported fake pictures through the state’s monopoly of the TV.

They were hiding the number of slums that were drawing in the dark ages, the poverty that was reshaping the Egyptians’ mentalities and hiding their greedy lives from the scene. Doubtlessly, Gen. Z got affected badly by all of these behaviors, which led most of them to lose hope in this country and working on leaving it behind for good. They felt that there was no chance to grow or succeed with all of these obstacles facing them.  

The future of the economy with gen. Z

Gen. X and Xers have experienced a lot of ups and downs where the world around them has drastically changed within 50 years, therefore, it is easy to understand that they tell Gen. Z kids all about their experiences and the lessons that they’ve learned, to prepare this generation for the world.

This generation overcame their differences and they now want to collaborate with people from different backgrounds and different parts of the world. This is not just a trend, it also shows how socially responsive this generation is.

Diversity leads to innovation and new ideas in the workplace and today, entrepreneurs are viewed as rock stars! The emphasis on entrepreneurship is stronger and it is reflected in how Generation Z operates. Most of the Gen. Zers wanted to invent something that can change the world while the rest of them wanted to become entrepreneurs at a young age.