2019 Was Saudi’s Year and Here’s Why

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has long been known as the absolute monarchy that restricted almost all rights and civil liberties. However, things have changed since 2017 when King Salman issued a statement recognizing the right of Saudi women to drive, then in 2018 licenses were set to be issued granting Saudi women the right to drive.

Via SBS News

2019 is no exception to the previous two years when Saudi Arabia took a step to open its door to liberalization and the kingdom’s bold yet achievable blueprint of “Vision 2030” actually made us believe that there’s nothing impossible for such an ambitious nation. The vision’s goal is to create a society in which all citizens can fulfill their dreams, hopes, and to succeed in such a competitive economy via multiple programs suitable for every pilar in society.

Also, increasing the proportion of Saudi women in the workplace as well as their chances of finding jobs in the private sector than their male counterparts.

The crown prince of Saudi Arabia, Mohamed bin Salman, has actually implemented the most sweeping changes in generations! Literally making the impossible possible.

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