Gamed Heek: Shahyn Absolutely Eliminates the Competition With His Latest Music Video

Via Instagram

Old School Egyptian Rapper, Shahyn dropped his latest music video ‘Gamed Heek’ last week and it’s still trending until now with more than 500k views on YouTube! The release became a success for so many different reasons, not only because Shahyn is one of the most iconic figures in the thriving Egyptian rap scene, but because he’s just been ON FIRE lately.

Ever since his much-anticipated comeback, he’s been a key player in the Egyptian rap scene. In the past couple of months, his latest releases with NoShame Media (Gedeed Novy and X-Lance) were major successes, and ‘Gamed Heek’ is on its way to be another viral hit.

The song is written and performed by Shahyn and the music is produced by L5VAV. The masterpiece of a video is directed by Nayrouz Abouzid, the executive producer is Bosaina Ismail, and the assistant director is Mahnaz Aziz. The editor is Ahmed Araby, the DOP is Ahmed Tarek Bayoumi, and the colorist is Ahmed Ali. The Art Direction Donia Ashraf, and the painter is Ahmed Khedr. The song was recorded at Challenge Studio and the mixing and mastering are by Nader Soliman.

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