Is ‘Game of Thrones’ Getting an Arabic Version This Ramadan?

There’s only one Game of Thrones and winter will come to anyone who dares try and recreate it. So when the new promos for the newest Syrian Ramadan series Orchidia made it online, its familiar style and grand themes quickly saw it branded a “rip-off” of the hugely popular HBO drama.


The synopsis for Orchidia seems quite similar to its Western counterpart as it also involves the death of a powerful figure that triggers the show’s story. In Game of Thrones, the Hand of the Kind Jon Arryn is murdered which causes King Robert Baratheon to seek help from Ned Stark; while in Orchidia, the actual King gets murdered.


Facebook page Top series put on their tinfoil hat on and found the supposed similarities between Orchidia and Game of Thrones‘ characters, and we’re not sure how we’re supposed to feel.



Will the Arab version of Ned Stark be as honorable? 




We love the motherly vibes Orchidia’s Catelyn Stark is giving




Top series has only supposedly found Sansa Stark, but where is Arya?




Mark Addy was an amazing Robert Baratheon but slightly love the Arab version of him 




We love Orchidia’s Varys just straight up looks like the Game of Thrones one #shameless




Okay so, Syrian actor Basel Khayat as Khal Drogo is giving us some YAAS vibes 




We hope Top series got this wrong because this Jon Snow looks like a big fat no




We believe that one could ever be as bitchy as Lena Headey but we’re going to give her Arab-counterpart a chance




Again, we hope Top series got this wrong 




WE SAID THIS: Winter is coming this Ramadan, you guys!