From Ruins To Glory: The Remarkable Restoration Of The Pyramid Of Queen Tetisheri

Preserving history for future generations, the team that is part of the joint Egyptian-US archaeological mission taking part in the South of Abydos have successfully restored the pyramid of Queen Tetisheri. Through that process, they also managed to uncover a cemetery that dates back to the time of King Ahmose as well as ruins that are believed to be houses or service buildings dating back from that era.

Restoring the pyramid is of vast importance because of how it is considered the last pyramid standing that was built for a queen from ancient Egypt. It was also constructed in a way that was different from the rest of the pyramids as it did not follow the traditional mud brick method.

The restoration process of the pyramid of Queen Tetisheri itself was quite meticulous and involved constructing a wooden structure on the original surface of the pyramid titled at angle of 63 degrees. This was done to make sure that the angle of the pyramid is preserved when restoring and adding new bricks. They even made sure that the bricks used were made compatible with the original bricks of the pyramid.

This project has been ongoing since 2018 and is part of an ongoing effort to protect all the archaeological buildings and sites of the region.

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