Egypt Implements Innovative Technology To Study Shark Behavior In Red Sea

For the first time ever, Egypt is going to be embarking on a study of the movement and behavior of sharks in the Red Sea as a way to prevent future shark attacks. This new study is a result of the recent shark attack that killed a Russian citizen off the coast of a resort in Hurghada. Following the event, there was a temporary ban on swimming, snorkeling and any sort of sports activity for two days in order to investigate the incident.

The new study will be targeting three types of sharks and will span a period of 18 months. The study aims to train the nature protection team on how to install and monitor shark behavior. The technology aims to identify the behavior of the three sharks as well as the reasons behind the change in their behavior. All these efforts are part of the ongoing concern over shark attacks especially as last year, two women were killed by a shark.

Egypt’s Ministry of Environment said in a statement that there are hopes that the sensors will help authorities take pre-emptive measures and reduce the chances of shark attacks in the future.

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