From Plays to Feature Films, Scriptwriting Duo Ahmed Abd El Wahab and Karim Kemz Give Us the Full Scoop!

Via Maged Hamdy

We had an exclusive sit-down with scriptwriting duo, Ahmed Abd El Wahab and Karim Samy Kemz, days before the release of their upcoming movie “El 2otta El 3ayma”. We got to discuss how they got into script-writing, why they write as a duo, their expectations for the upcoming movie, and more.

What got you both into script-writing?

Originally, we’re both actors. After university we got into a workshop by Khaled Galal at the Egyptian Opera House. The workshop teaches many things, including acting, dancing, and more. As acting involved improvising in the workshop, we got praised by our mentor on how we’re able to write smart and funny ideas. We started getting into it, and here we are.

Why did you decide to write as a duo and what edge does it give you over other writers?

We both have similar writing styles. We both enjoy comedy that’s a bit serious. We have a lot of healthy discussions and we disagree a lot until we reach a very solid script that we can present and believe in.

What are your expectations for ‘El Khetta El 3ayma’?

This is the first movie that will come to life, but not the first movie that we wrote. The movie features Ali Rabei’, Mohamed Abdelrahman, Ghada Adel, Amr Abdelgelil, and more stars. We hope that the fans like it and that our first project is up to the high standards that suit the taste of the viewers.

What are the biggest challenges that you faced in getting this project from paper to life?

The hardest challenge is to agree with the director and the cast on how the project will be carried out from all perspectives. This requires many workshops until we reach that point of agreement with all parties. It’s very hard for the writer to find a director that understands his vision and can make it come to life.

Of all the projects you’ve worked on, which is your favorite and why?

Our favorite project is “El Khetta El 3ayma” because we wrote it four years ago and we didn’t have a specific goal for it, it was just a dream. But now, as it’s coming to life, we’re very excited to see how people will like it and react to it.

Talk to us more about your latest play ‘Sabhya Mobarka’.

The play is directed by Ashraf Abdelbaky and written by us. It features Ali Rabei’, Ossoss, Suliman Eid, and Hossam Dagher. The play is different than we’re used to from Masra7 Misr as it doesn’t revolve around skits, but rather on a comedy and thrilling story. We wrote the story specifically for the theater to introduce something new and exciting for the attendees. Until now the feedback from the fans have been amazing, and its currently showing at the Grand Nile Towers theater.

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