From Platform Flipflops to Straps Chain Heels: Enter Summer 2021 With These 7 Shoe Styles!

Summer is almost upon us! Every season offers their own reasons to get us all hyped up about. We all look forward to wearing our boots and our cozy scarves when winter is here. When summer arrives though, we take extra care of ourselves, getting our toenails summer-ready, unpack our summer dresses and funky T-shirts! So get your wallet out, and get ready to do some ultra shopping as new trends emerge this summer. Here are seven new shoe trends for summer 2021, and we are all here for it!

Platform flipflops

These comfy platforms can be worn with jeans, a dress or shorts. It’s everything compatible!

Via Net A Porter

Sandals with ankle details

Classy as ever, sandals with ankle details make you look fabulously unique. This pair can is suitable with a dress for a night party, or with jeans for a casual summer morning breakfast.

Blackout platforms

Wear this on the beach, run some errands, or go to a brunch with friends. They give you height, but are ultimately comfortable. There won’t be any pain with these shoes, and also provide enough air to showcase your beautiful feet!

Via Simon Miller

Kitten heels

These heels are straight from the 2000’s. They give you a flashback to young Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera. If you want to feel like a star, slam these on! They come in all colors, adding all types of flavors to your outfits.

Via Debenhams

Furry slides

These might confuse you, as they’re furry, but open toed sandals! These sandals are like a hug to your feet. It’s a way to express love to your feet, and you can wear them casually by day or by night!

Via Joom

Flat neons

Flats are back in fashion, and not only that, but they’re back in neon colors too. Summer 2021 will be bright as ever, with shoes like these making an appearance. A fun choice for your outfit no doubt!

Straps chain heels

With squared fronts, slim heels, and so much details for your feet, these heels give your outfit some character and definition.

Via Alohas

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