From Persian Tapestries to Egyptian Killim, The Culture and History Behind the Arabian Carpet

The Middle East has the finest silk carpets and some of the best wool carpets that you can find. Our region’s most iconic carpets and rugs are found in Persia, Turkey, Egypt, and Palestine. Even though most of the Middles Eastern carpets/rugs are produced in just a few countries, the Middle East, in general, has one of the most driven rug buying markets in the world that’s constantly in search of the best quality.

Middle Eastern carpets have always been prized and collected for their beauty, elegance, and quality. The longevity and character of the carpets are due to the use of the special techniques that have been passed down for thousands of years, and the use of natural materials and dyes.

Arabs are great lovers of the woven arts, and due to that they have always desired the finest examples of carpets and are always willing to pay any price that these carpets demand.

In 2013 the most expensive oriental rug (Persian) was sold for $33.7 million, which is equivalent to four Ferraris. It was sold at an auction at Sotheby’s in New York and since then no other similar rug has ever been sold.

According to Pars Rug Gallery, “Most of the people working there could not believe that such a precious item entered an auction. This is, in fact, rather a piece of a museum. Very lucky is the anonymous bidder who can now enjoy an antique piece at his house.”

The rug was handwoven, and the main texture of the fabric was wool, cotton, and silk. The red color which is clearly the most striking makes the masterpiece even more beautiful.

Here is a glimpse of our region’s most beautiful oriental carpets

Egyptian carpet Via M.Topalian
Via Turco

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