From Mohamed Farag To Huda El Mufti: 6 Guest Stars That Have Caught Our Attention

With every Ramadan season, a new host of characters and couples grab our attention. They become the talk of our iftars with our families and friends, they epitomize the show, either making them successful or epic failures. Guest stars are another topic point as the surprising cameos are either a hit or miss. Being a fan of all that is Ramadan show-related, I have decided to compile six of my favorite guest stars this Ramadan.

Huda el Mufti – “Suits Arabia”

Mai, the young woman who gets sexually harassed by her boss has lit social media on fire post her character’s appearance on “Suits Arabia.” Her role has touched so many people as it shed light on such a crucial universal yet tragic story. Her eyes filled with such sorrow, the performance was magnetic that you couldn’t pull your eyes away from the screen. It was even that much more convincing with the shaky tone, that she communicated with Ahmed Dawood. A moving performance.

Mohamed Farag – “Al Aedoun”

One of the stars we miss this Ramadan after his killer, unforgettable role as Sheikh Moenes last year in “Newton’s Game.” Though he’s not in any show this year, his shocking performance in the third episode of “Al Aedoun” as Abo Mosaab, when he’s burned to death inside of the cage, following the revelation that he’s part of ISIS; is a painful performance yet you can’t peel your eyes away.

Mohamed Gomaa – “El Meshwar”

King of cameos, Mohamed Gomaa, reunited once again with Mohamed Ramadan following their link-up in “El Prince.” This time, Mansour (Gomaa) saves Maher (Ramadan) by stopping his pickup truck for him and driving him to see his supposedly sick wife, played by Dina el Sherbiny. In this under two-minute scene, the pair exuded chemistry and their conversation sounded as if they’ve known each other for ages.

Edward – “Ahlam Saeeda”

Hany, the shy and uptight professor played by Edward becomes unsettled, even… traumatized by Cherie (Ghada Adel) when they go out on a date and she talks about everything disturbingly possible: ranging from puking to death. His facial expressions were hilarious as he was fielding the uncomfortable conversation with Cherie. This short yet memorable cameo resonated, as it represented all of us on awkward dates.

Mohamed Mamdouh – “Maktoob Alaya”

When Gelgel (Akram Hosny) visits Dr. Ibrahim (Mohamed Mamdouh) for a consult, he learns all about the unique treatment that relies heavily on analysis of his human psyche and animals. Through the merging of these two elements, the pair have a hilarious discussion that is not to be missed. Definitely one for the books!

Hagar El Sarrag – “Betlou El Roh”

Actor, dancer, and filmmaker, Hagar El Sarrag surprised us all with her impeccable performance as Lina in “Betlou El Roh.” The way she just portrays the loving, dedicated wife so earnestly and then that scene, that literally rips your heart out when her husband, Amr (Ahmed El Sadaany) tells her he wants to remarry; and it’s none other than the woman who she’s befriended, Roh. Her performance definitely made her an actor to watch.

Though Ramadan is filled with incredible on-screen talent, we wanted to focus on these six great guest stars. Let us know your favorite this season.

WE SAID THIS: Ramadan shows are flooded with talent, but the surprise of a good cameo is something else.