From Garden City to Imbaba, Here’s Your List of The Best Ful Carts Cairo Has to Offer

If you live in Cairo, you know that ‘ful’ or beans is one of the most common breakfast meals, and luckily, you have amazing, and time-saving ful carts all over the city. You don’t have to live in the area to know the cart because these ful carts are well-known across the entire city.

Pay less, have a great meal, enjoy the company of other people eating next to you, and walk away satisfied!

‘Am Mahrous

His customers are not only local Egyptians, but tourists too! Although it might be slightly more pricey compared to other carts, everyone who eats there swears that it’s good value for money. ‘Am Mahrous’ ful cart is the most popular one in Garden City.

‘Am ‘Ateya

Hidden in a corner next to the Grand Mall, ‘Am ‘Ateya’s ful cart is the most famous one in Maadi. Whoever ate from there would have definitely heard ‘Am ‘Ateya say: “Do you want some onions with your ful?”

Saad El Haramy

He was named ‘El Haramy’ (the thief) by the late Farid Shawky, after winning a domino game against him. This is the first ful cart to have a Facebook page. Saad El Haramy’s ful cart has been in Downtown Cairo for over 30 years now, and his ful sandwiches are guaranteed to keep you full. Many Egyptian artists go to Saad’s ful cart, including Khaled El Sawy and Ashraf Abdelbaky, among others.

Abdo Dollar

People come from different districts in Cairo to Ain Shams just to have ful from Abdo Dollar’s ful cart, even though he is the only seller who is against the motto “the customer is always right”.

Sayed Wemby

With his affordable prices and quality ful, this is the most popular ful cart in Imbaba. But if you go there for Suhour during Ramadan, be prepared for the queue that awaits you because it’s more than just a meal, it’s a whole experience!

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