Do Not Try This at Home: 5 Bizarre Sleeping Habits That We DON’T Recommend

Getting a good night’s sleep is one of the most important ways to have a pleasant and productive next-day. We asked around about people’s odd sleeping habits/ routines and couldn’t believe that most of these were actually real. From napping at work to sleeping naked, scroll down and try following these odd habits to improve your sleeping patterns.

Must sleep with socks

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A colleague of admitted that she can’t fall asleep without her socks on, not because her feet are cold, but she likes staying cozy. In fact, according to Medical News Today, “Sleeping with socks on may aid getting to sleep faster. This is because temperature regulation is a necessary part of the sleep cycle.”

Drinking coffee before bed

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As strange as it might sound, some people can’t go to bed without a cup of coffee! Talk about addiction. However, a new study was conducted by US researchers from Florida Atlantic University and Harvard Medical School found that drinking coffee or tea before bed doesn’t disrupt sleep, that the idea that drinking coffee before bed will keep you awake at night is a myth!

Needing noise around you

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A lot of people cannot fall asleep without listening to something, it can vary from audiobooks to TV shows or even an entire party. But if you’re the kind of person with a hyper-focusing brain, sound machines can be the answer to getting your restful night’s sleep.

Sleeping under a mountain of covers and pillows

Although this might make it hard for so many of us to wake up and would keep on endlessly hitting that snooze button. But there are people who literally can’t fall asleep without bundling up in cozy blankets and surrounding themselves with piles of big fluffy pillows all around their bed.

Only being able to sleep in the nude

Maybe not THAT bizarre, but some people really cannot sleep unless they’re naked. Maybe it’s the feeling of the soft bed sheets on your skin, or maybe it’s the sense of freedom (unfortunately we are still not allowed to do much else in the nude). Whatever the reason, all we can think about is, “What if someone breaks in and we have to fight them off in all our naked glory?!”

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