From Emerald Green Gowns To Floral Lace Dresses: Meet The Eclectic Fashion World of Zeena Zaki

Ever since she entered the fashion world back in 2003, self-made Iraqi fashion designer and entrepreneur Zeena Zaki has been pushing the boundaries of style through self-expression. When she launched her very own fashion atelier in Dubai, she brought elegance to the forefront with her out of the box Edwardian and Victorian era statement dresses.

Recently, the designer herself was seen donned in outfits that epitomize her style and energy on the Zeena Zaki official Instagram page. Zaki showcased a stunning collection of gowns from electric green to pastel blues, femininity at its finest with form fitting ensembles as well as a stunning white off-shoulder satin mermaid dress. These eclectic designs epitomize the essence of the fashionista’s work.

If you want to take a dip into the world of Zeena Zaki, you can check out her latest spring/summer 2023 collection at her official website. Expect everything from Japanese blossom dresses to emerald green satin gowns.

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