From Different Shades to a Perfect Engagement, Here’s what to know about the Pink Diamond Ring

Rings are one of the most elite types of jewelry to invest in. If you’re a lover of rings, it would be best to stray away from the usual colorless ring and try something unique and elegant like the pink diamond ring. Not only are they unique, but they also depict happiness, innocence, and true love. A pink diamond ring is a perfect gift for your loved one to show how much you love and value them.

There are vast options for rings, but pink diamond rings are one of the rarest diamond rings ever. Even the world source of original pink diamond rings attested to this by saying they produce over 800 million rings, but less than one percent of those are pink diamond rings.

Now think again, you could give your partner the exclusivity of a gorgeous pink diamond ring adorning her fingers. Till today, it has not been established if impurities give the pink diamond rings its beautiful color, or probably by chance of nature. The mystery surrounding pink diamond rings has made it an option for you to get either a wedding ring or as an investment.

Buying a pink diamond ring is an investment, and you should educate yourself properly before buying one or two to add to your jewelry set, or prior to gifting your loved one. They are unique and in high demand, so scroll down below for some things to know before buying one!

They’re expensive

Pink diamond rings have a luxurious reputation and are mostly seen with rich celebrities. There are different color variations of the pink diamond ring, and as such, prices range according to the color. The deeper the pink, the pricier it is, which makes it easier to resell.. Yet, even the cheapest pink diamond ring can cost thousands of dollars. One of the factors that makes it very expensive is its scarcity. It is the second rarest ring in the colored diamond family.

Color Origin

All diamonds are appraised considering the cut, the carat, the clarity, and the color. For colored diamonds, the color is the determinant of their grade. It’s one of the factors, and for pink diamonds, the source of its color is still unknown. For colored diamonds, some elements are the origin of their colors. For blue diamonds, boron is the catalyst of its color, and for yellow diamonds, it’s nitrogen. Since no one can say for sure how pink diamonds get their color, it makes it one of the best reasons to own one.

Affordable alternative

There are man-made colored rings that people now buy as an alternative to pink diamond rings, but be sure not to get it for the price of an original pink diamond ring. Synthetic diamonds are also diamonds, but they’re not formed naturally, and are created in a lab by scientists. Make sure that the ring you’re getting has a report from an independent grading lab, so you don’t get the synthetic pink diamond ring for the price of a mined pink diamond ring.

Perfect for engagements

Over the years, colorless rings have been the go-to rings for engagements. Now, people go for pink diamond rings and other colored rings to stand out and express their love to their partners. Pink diamond rings are one of the highly recommended colored rings for engagements, and for good reason. It’s a feminine color that exudes class and grace. They are also very durable and do not scratch, which makes them perfect for lifelong wear.

Different hues

Pink diamond rings have different hues, so if you want to get one, you have to decide which shade suits your needs the most. They vary from light pink to brownish purplish pink, deep pink, purplish-pink, brownish pink, faint pink, orangey pink, intense pink, vivid purplish pink, and many more. Also, all these different colors can come in so many shapes, so you have lots of options to pick from. At the end of the day, no matter the shade, pink diamond rings are elegant and perfect for your new bride.

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