World Cotton Day: Its Benefits And Why We Can’t Live Without It

Cotton, used as a raw material for textiles all over the world, is a very important commodity in the global economy. This is why there are over 100 nations where cotton is farmed and traded as an agricultural product, with over 150 countries active in exports and imports.

Cotton exports not only contribute significantly to foreign exchange gains but also account for a major share of GDP and tax revenue in many other nations. Cotton also plays an important role in Africa’s economic development; 37 of the 53 African countries produce cotton, and 30 of them export it.


Here Are Some Fun Facts About:

1. The name cotton comes from the Arabic word ‘Qutn’ which means fancy

2. Cotton plants need over 200 days to grow

3. It has been around for over 8,000 years

4. Accounts for almost 40% of clothing manufacturing

5. Ikea uses 1% of the world’s annual cotton production

Egyptian Cotton Types

Due to the humid and nutrient-rich soil, Egyptian cotton fibres tend to become extra-long. As a result, it’s crucial to understand that Egypt grows several various types of cotton, which are classified according to the length of the cotton fibre, or ‘staple’. Therefore, there are three types of cotton: extra-long staple (ELS), Long Staple (LS), and normal cotton, with considerable distinctions between them.

What Is World Cotton Day?

World Cotton Day is observed by several nations throughout the world with events that highlight the contributions of farmers, researchers, and businesses to the value chain. The World Trade Organization (WTO) tends to sponsor such events.

Nonetheless, it is crucial to emphasize that it is a poverty-relieving crop in some of the world’s least-developed countries. Thus, a source of sustainable and good work for people all over the world. It also aids in the attainment of clean oceans because it biodegrades quickly in comparison to other synthetic alternatives. This leads to a reduction in the amount of plastic. It’s also a crop that thrives in arid climates at a rate that no other crop can.

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