From Assala to Hend Sabry, These Arab Starlets Are Showing Their Support to Those Affected by COVID-19

Via Sada El Balad.

As the number of COVID-19 cases rises to 1,450 in Egypt, everyone is doing everything in their power to limit the spread of the virus. Now, with a large portion of the North African nation’s workforce operating from home, everyone is worried about less-privileged day workers who do not have this luxury.

In light of the ongoing situation, plenty of celebrities took to social media to try and give back to the community. One notable social media challenge that has been making the rounds, the ‘Goodwill Challenge’, saw many female celebrities giving back to the cause.

The challenge aims to raise awareness about social distancing and its importance in curbing the transmission of the infection. A-list stars such as Kinda Alloush, Assala Nasri, Hend Sabry, and Bassma Boussel took to their Instagram accounts to announce that they will be individually supporting hundreds of families in need, so that the heads of these families manage to stay home and flatten the curve without worrying about having to put food on the table.

Syrian superstar Assala announced that she will be supporting 100 families; she went on to nominate her daughter and Saudi Nawaf Al-Sharif.

Another Syrian star, Kinda Alloush announced she will be taking 50 families under her wing, while her husband Amr Youssef promised to support 100 families.

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