From Abyusif to DJ Konkar, a Definitive List of Must Know Hits Prior to Egypt’s 2021 Mega Concert

Festival season is still going strong in Egypt. The highly anticipated mega concert on the 28th of August at Family park is headlined by some of the biggest names in the rap and hip hop scene in Egypt: Abyusif, Abo Al Anwar, Batistuta, Wezza montasser, MOUSV, Aly Weezy, and DJ KONKAR. Here are some essential songs you should know by the performing artists before you head for the bash!

Abyusif/Basha E3temed

Featuring Abo Al Anwar and arguably his most viral hit, Abyusif has such an extensive discography that it was difficult to settle on just one song. Because this is a fan favorite, we had to go for it. It is worth checking out his most experimental album Y.F.GY.Y. for a unique listen while we wait for his highly anticipated album dropping soon.

Abo Al Anwar/Scoo Scoo

Abo Al Anwar’s music is now synonymous with one attitude, being unapologetically cool. The catchy beat by El Dab3 with Abo Al Anwar’s flow amps you right up. This will be a sure fire hit when sung live.

Batistuta/El Saher

El Saher is the quintessential Batistuta sound. It is a crowd favorite (even here at the office). The magician himself is on a streak these days, and we can’t wait to see what tricks he’ll pull live on stage.


Fresh off the heels of his critically acclaimed album, El Sahaba, MOUSV proved he’s here to stay and stun. The new album, produced by Mohaimen is no short of hits and self defining moments for the artist. MOUSV succeeded in carving his niche sonically, and his track Safina is our pick for an essential listen.

Ali Weezy/Emna3 El Kalam

Weezy’s experimental style and Western rap influence is his own personal brand. Known for mixing different genres like reggaeton and metal with his tracks, this one is a crowd favorite for its Shaabi influence. We’re excited to see him performing all his set list live.

Wezza Montasser/Talata Wahed

Wezza Montasser went viral at first for his production on the hit track LAQTTA with Wegz. But what most didn’t know was that he was already an established artist. Our essential Wezza Montasser pick is the Shaabi rap hit Talata Wahed with Aftroto and El Dab3. Talata Wahed is an automatic ear-worm and an immediate queue for the dance floor.

DJ Konkar

Playing all day long at the concert, DJ Konkar always delivers with a solid hip hop set list. It’s definitely worth coming in early just to dance along and watch him work his magic.

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