Four Artists Whose Work You Should Feature in Your Home

When looking to incorporate artwork into your home it can be challenging, particularly if you have a number of different colours in one room. In this article, we will be looking into four artists that you should feature in your home, regardless of your budget or the amount of space that you have. 


With a number of amazing artists to choose from, Banksy is by far one of the most sought after artists. Though an original is expensive, there are a number of Banksy canvas prints for you to choose from that are far more affordable. Whether this is the balloon girl or the EU canvas, these are all prints that are highly recognizable and are a great way to start a conversation. In addition to this, there are a number of them to choose from, allowing you to purchase a print of any size and display it in your home. 

via: Daily Mail

Vincent Van Gogh 

Similarly, to the Banksy prints, there are a number of Van Gogh prints that are worth displaying in your home. Whether you decide to create a collage of amazing artwork or just display one above a fireplace, you can have some of the world’s most iconic artwork featured in your home. Whether it is sunflowers or starry night, this is the perfect way to start a conversation as well and display some of the world’s most famous artwork in your home. If you decide to frame it or leave it as is, this amazing artwork will not look out of place when placed anywhere in your home. 

Salvador Dali 

In addition to Vincent Van Gogh, there is also the amazing artwork from Salvador Dali. With an interesting take on the modern world, this world-famous artist created a number of famous works during his time. Whether you opt for the persistence of time or the sleep, you can have your very own print of these outstanding artworks anywhere in your home. With an interesting outlook on life, this style of artwork is perfect for an office as well as a dining room for the perfect conversation starter, regardless of who’s visiting.  

Wassily Kandinsky 

If you are looking for artwork that is truly unique, then the work of the famous artist, Wassily Kandinsky is the perfect option for you. With the perfect combination of color and lines, this amazing artwork can bring life to any room. Whatever room you decide to place this in, you can be sure that it will perfectly complement your color sceheme as well as stand out against a plain background. This can be purchased in a number of small prints as well as in a much larger print, making it the perfect choice for any room in your home, regardless of the amount of space that you have. 

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