Forbes Middle East: These are the Top Arab Stars On The Global Stage!

Art is the universal language around the globe, and entertainment is a platform that is capable of connecting millions who have a common taste in art. We can see how Arabs are reaching a wide fan base overseas, hitting Hollywood fame, and hitting the longest fashion runways. So, Forbes Magazine decided to measure the success of globally-recognized Arab celebrities for the first time, and the list got more than 10 Lebanese, 5 Egyptians, and 2 Morrocans.

Via forbesmiddleeast

Forbes Middle East has created two lists for Arabs who had an influence globally, namely the  Arab Celebrities on the Global Stage and Celebrities With Arab Roots. The first list includes Arab artists who have made it and reached a wide fan base outside the Middle East and earned themselves followers among Americans and Europeans of Arab origin. This list includes singers, actors, directors, fashion designers and footballers.

Tamer Hosny, the Egyptian Artist is the first Arab to feature at Hollywood’s iconic Chinese Theatre, hit the second place after the Morrocan Grammy Nominee, Karim Kharbouch AKA French Montana, with Elissa following third in this list.

Regarding the movie making sector, Amr Waked made it in the list as the Egyptian who rose to fame globally after starring with Scarlet Johannson, and his other appearances with George Clooney, Gerald Butler, and Matt Damon. The Lebanese Director Nadine Labaki made it first in her list as a Jury prize award winner at 2018 Cannes Film Festival for her film Capahrnaum.


The Top 5 Fashion Designers list was mainly dominated by Lebanese, with Zuhair Murad topping the list as the world’s top Arab Fashion Designer, with global icons such as Halle Berry, Sandra Bullock, Angelina Jolie and Katy Perry wearing his designs.

As expected, Mohamed Salah made it in the list as the only sports figure, as the Egyptian King set a new record in the Premier League with 32 goals in 38 games, and earned the Golden Boot award in addition to others. Lastly, the List of Stars with Arab roots included Shakira, DJ Khalid, and Gigi Hadid, who ranked the 5th highest paid model in the world.

WE SAID THIS: We believe that Forbes’ Lists will keep on growing as Arabs are unstoppable!