Floating Balloons & An Interactive Universe: Jeddah’s First Digital Art Museum opens June 10th

The new Jeddah Digital Art Museum is almost finished and will open this summer. Located in the Arbaeen Lagoon with a view of Jeddah’s Old Town, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, this museum is the result of a 10-year partnership between Saudi Arabia’s Ministry of Culture and the Japanese art group teamLab.

Called teamLab Borderless, it will be Jeddah’s first digital and interactive art museum. The Ministry of Culture and teamLab announced on April 3, 2024, that the museum is nearly ready and will open on Monday, June 10

What to Expect From teamLab Borderless

teamLab Borderless Jeddah promises a world of interactive digital art experiences. The museum is divided into several themed zones, each offering unique installations and activities that blur the boundaries between art, technology, and human interaction.

Athletics Forest

The Athletics Forest is a creative athletic space designed to enhance spatial recognition and cognitive growth through physical activity. Here are some of the highlights:

Via aawsat

Rapidly Rotating Bouncing Sphere

A space with spherical bodies that people can jump on. These spheres light up and release particles of light when bounced on, creating a dynamic and visually stunning experience.

Multi Jumping Universe

A flexible surface where multiple people can jump simultaneously creates a simulated universe of stardust and stars that grow with continued jumping.

Soft Terrain

3D slope filled with light granules that flow and intermix as people walk, creating changing stratum patterns that reflect the seasons.

Aerial Climbing

Suspended horizontal bars of varying colors that people can navigate in mid-air. The bars produce sounds and light, creating a collaborative musical and visual experience.

Future Park

Future Park is an experimental educational project that encourages collaborative creation and interaction. Some key installations include:

Connecting! Block Town

An interactive city where users place connecting blocks to create roads, train tracks, and more, with vehicles evolving as connections are made.

Sketch Ocean

An interactive aquarium where visitors can draw and see their creations come to life in a virtual ocean.

A Window to the Universe Where Little People Live

Visitors can draw lines and shapes with a light pen or stamp, influencing the actions and interactions of little people in a miniature world.

Via teamlab

A Musical Wall Where Little People Live

Little people interact with objects placed on a table, creating a delightful and musical experience based on the shapes and positions of the objects.

Borderless World

The Borderless World section is where artworks transcend boundaries, interact with each other, and evolve with visitors’ presence. This area encourages exploration and discovery as art moves freely without constraints.

Forest of Lamps

The Forest of Lamps is a mesmerizing space filled with lamps that interact with visitors, creating a serene and magical environment where light and movement intertwine.

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The EN TEA HOUSE offers a unique experience where visitors can enjoy tea while being surrounded by beautiful digital art that reacts to their presence and movements, creating a harmonious blend of tradition and technology.

teamLab Borderless Jeddah is more than just a museum; it’s a fascinating experience that combines art, technology, and human interaction in a way that has never been seen before in the Middle East. Tickets are now available on the official website, inviting everyone to be part of this extraordinary journey.

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