Flames of Resistance: Israeli Consulate Targeted as Protests Escalate in Istanbul

In Levent, a group of demonstrators gathered in front of the Israeli Consulate General on Monday night. They were there to express their anger and denounce an attack that had taken place. The demonstrators called on the international community to step in and stop the Israeli attacks on Palestinian civilians.

In the midst of the demonstrations, a Molotov cocktail was hurled toward the building, igniting a fire.

However, conflicting reports emerged on social media, with some suggesting that a group of protesters intentionally set fire to the vicinity of the Israeli consulate as a response to what they deemed as the barbaric massacre of Palestinians by the Zionist regime.

Meanwhile, in the Sariyer district, where the U.S. Consulate General is located, another protest occurred. Participants unfurled a large banner with the words “Free Palestine” boldly displayed. The crowd chanted slogans condemning Israel and criticizing the United States for its perceived support of Israeli actions.

In a different part of the city, Sarachane Park in the Fatih district, a separate group came together to pray for the innocent civilians who lost their lives in the recent violence.

Tragically, the latest attack in Rafah resulted in the deaths of at least 41 Palestinians, including women and children. These individuals had sought refuge in makeshift tents after being displaced from their homes due to the ongoing war in the besieged strip over the past eight months.

Reports suggest that the death toll may be even higher.

The events of Sunday’s bombing have reignited calls for urgent action to address the escalating violence and humanitarian crisis in the region and the desire for immediate intervention to protect innocent lives and promote peace.

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