Find out How This All Women Village in Upper Egypt Is Escaping Patriarchy

Located in the city of Edfu, near the southern city of Aswan, Al Samaha village is an only women village and it’s home to around 303 single women. Men are strictly prohibited to step a foot into the village, and any woman who gets married is immediately asked to leave, and her land and house get immediately withdrawn due to violations regarding the conditions of use and residence in the village. Also if any son gets married, he is asked to leave the village and find a new home elsewhere.

This village is actually dedicated by the Egyptian government to the widowed and divorced women back in 1998, it’s provided with all essentials needed; including agricultural land so that women can raise poultry and livestock as a source of income, as well as a health unit and a school within the village.

Via Al Arabya
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The security of the village is handled strictly by a police station and is being guarded after sunset so that women are not subjected to any form of harm by gangs or stealing cattle.

The women are also provided with furniture and agricultural essentials and are granted several short-term loans by the government. Singel-story houses are financially subsidised by the government, giving a chance for women to pay back through instalments.

One of the most pleasant characteristics of the village is when women gather during the evening to tell stories and discuss the problems that they have faced throughout.

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