A Backpacker With Egypt on Mind? Here Are the Best Hostels Around Downtown Cairo for You

When in Egypt, travelers always opt to spend their time away from the hustle and bustle of the capital, either far into Sinai or perhaps on the lush beaches of the Mediterranian, but to those looking for an urban adventure on an untrodden path, Cairo could be an unforgettable destination.

Cairo has lots of hidden gems, unkown even to the most savvy of locals, and getting to stay at a place at the heart of the Cairo can make things a bit easier. So, to ensure the best Cairo experience, here is a list of the best downtown hostels.

Cheers hostel

Located at the heart of Cairo, a kilometer away from Tahrir Square, Cheers Hostel is one of the most highly-reviewed Downtown hostels in all of Egypt. The comfy lounge with its modern design welcomes people from all nationalities and backgrounds to stay at midst of it all. The hostel was considered by many to be the best part of their trip in Cairo.

Australian hostel Cairo

A 10-minute walk from the National Egyptian Museum, a 13-minute ride from Khan Al-Khalili and Al-Azhar, and a heartbeat away from all of the capital’s adventures, the Australian Hostel was founded to make sure every traveler feels welcomed at one of the oldest capitals in the world.

Minerva downtown

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One of the most picturesque B&Bs in all of Egypt, Minerva Downtown is a peaceful, charming hotel in Downtown Cairo. With a continental breakfast and private, comfy rooms. Minerva has everything a tourist could ask for.


Their official Instagram account’s bio reads, “A small hostel in Downtown, Cairo, Egypt. For us hosting is an art that we’d love to share it with you.” Hostgram prides itself on its high customer satisfaction levels. The cute hotel sits at the heart of all the Cairien comotion, opening the hearts of its visitors to the true essence of being an Egyptian.

Meramees hostel

With an easy-going, chill vibe, Meramees Hostel welcomes all visitors with a casual sofa in the lobby to make you feel just at home. It’s located at Sabri Abo Alam, Downtown Cairo, giving travelers a chance to experience the heart of what makes Cairo special.

Miami Cairo hostel

Are you a solo traveler in Downtown Cairo? Well, Miami Cairo Hostel is the place for you. It has a five-star customer service level unrivaled by the competition. If you are looking for a place to crash after long walks across Cairo, this is the optimum choice.

New Palace

New Palace is the most wallet-friendly of all the options on this list. Over the past couple of years, it has become one of the most popular destinations in all of Cairo. With family vibes and one of the friendliest staff one can find in a hotel, this place will feel like home.

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