Film My Design: An Egyptian Festival that Builds Harmony Between Architecture and Media

Egypt is always one of the popular places for a new festival to showcase the art of independent films, including many talents from around the world. Thus, immersing yourself in the world of cinema and embracing the talents of the industry is a surreal experience. But what about architectural design? Isn’t it a form of art that conveys different feelings? Every subliminal design we see has an ecstatic feeling to it that captivates our minds and souls.

Then what about a festival that combines the worlds of both design and cinema? Well, the second edition of the Film My Design Film (FMD) Festival is almost here! The festival is scheduled for Jan. 27-30, 2022 at Zawya Cinema, which is located in Cairo’s downtown. The FMD 2022 Festival aims to connect design with the world of cinema and creative professionals in Egypt and beyond. Additionally, a series of various inspiring movie screenings and stories about furniture, Installations, food, landscaping, architecture, and crafts will take place. Not only that, but FMD also has four separate programs that revolve around telling different stories that are all linked by art and film.

FMD’s Themes

The first program is the Emerging Local Talents (ELT) initiative, which is aimed at young Egyptian designers and filmmakers who want to improve their creative portfolio by obtaining mentorship from established creative professionals. This is a true opportunity for designers and filmmakers to work collectively with professional and more-experienced filmmakers to create projects that will elevate their talent and show off their potential.

The Egyptian Design Stories (EDS) is the second project, which is a collection of films that tells the untold stories of Egypt’s thriving creative environment, with a focus on design, architecture, and urbanism, as well as their connections to local culture. The primary purpose of this theme is to urge contemporary practitioners to revive dying traditions and methods.

The Design Across Borders (DAB) program, which focuses on a selection of design films from around the world, is the third program. The DAB program strives to expand Egyptian awareness of international design by exhibiting the distinctive work being done throughout the world, similar to FMD’s purpose of spotlighting exceptional design in Egypt. The program’s distinctiveness focuses on the wide chance to exhibit Egyptian international films and give them a taste of varied genres and creative minds.

Design Film Conversations (DFC) is the title of the concluding program. This is a diversified program that focuses on participating in discussions moderated by some of the world’s most influential thought leaders in the design and film industries. The DFC program brings speakers that inspire and have a big influence on the FMD audience. Waleed Arafa (Founder and Principal of Dar Arafa Architecture) and Yasmine El Dorghamy (Founder and Editor of Rawi Magazine) are among the speakers and many others whose presence in the cinema and design industries have had a significant impact!

We can’t wait for the FMD to begin and showcase artistic talents from all around the world, as well as encourage future generations to create historical works of art that will last forever!

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