When Fight & Fitness Factory KO-ed Our Team

When thinking about fighting gyms in Cairo, we usually imagine underground facilities, where Sami “El Moss” or Wael “El Wa7sh” train! Well, last week that all changed as we visited Fight & Fitness Factory (commonly known as F3, Egypt’s first MMA and functional training facility where Muay Thai and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu are actual things) in their Maadi branch at The Courtyard.



Upon entering, we knew F3 wasn’t your average fitness hub. The place was massive, equipped with a state-of-the-art boxing ring, punching bags, machines, jiu jitsu mats, and a fighting cage that looked like something out of a Rocky movie. We were greeted by a man who looks like someone you would see on the cover of Men’s Health. He later revealed himself to us as Abdelrahman, F3’s head of fitness who led us to our Kick-Off (KO) program.



It turns out, KO stands for “Kick-Off” and it was an hour-long High Intensity Interval Training session that targeted fat loss. There were push-ups, lunges, burpees, at some point we had to be BFFs with kettlebells and more, much more. Even though that hour was everything we didn’t want to do, we’re glad it happened, because it was everything our lazy bodies needed. It has been a week and our team has been to two classes already. Since a healthy mind can only survive in a healthy body, we will definitely be coming back again!





WE SAID THIS: For more information check out their Facebook page here.