15 Things You Should Never Ever Tell a Pregnant Woman

People will never understand how incredibly long a pregnancy feels. There will be days when every pregnant woman counts the minutes until her due date. You are hungry as hell and suddenly nausea takes over, then you’re eating everything in front of you again. Your gynecologist is blaming you for the weight you never thought you’d gain, you can’t reach your shoes, you snore and your spirit animal suddenly becomes a penguin.

Now add to that all the infuriating comments we get, and that’s how we get so-called “hormonal monsters”. For a better co-existence, we decided to tell you in advance all the lines you should avoid if you don’t want a pregnant woman to bite your head off.




Are those twins? You’re huge


Screen Shot 2016-03-23 at 11.51.26 AM




What’s that hair on your chin? You also never had zits, what’s happening?






I can see some stretch marks; don’t you use oil?






How many kilos have you gained so far?






You’re three months pregnant? Why did you wait three months to tell me you are pregnant?





Why can’t you just quit that single morning coffee? 






Is your first child jealous?






Saying khali balek 16 times per minute






Why are you getting a C-section? The natural delivery bond is unbelievable






Why did you buy a breast pump? Won’t you breast feed?






Enty betakli le etneen






Or don’t eat that you’ll gain weight






You know what, just don’t mention food






“Are you comfortable?” Because I am definitely not and that is pregnancy 101






And don’t worry about the extra kilos, breast feeding will burn all the fat away!!!!!






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