Mommy Diaries: What Not to Say to a Pregnant Mom

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My family and I have just recently found out that our family is growing. I am expecting a third monster to join the squad. While we’re drowning in emotions from excitement to happiness to downright panic, we are also rolling around in some fear and nerves.

Three children.

Where does one put three children? How many booster seats and car seats can fit into a car before it looks like a loser cruiser?

How are the other monkeys going to feel? Will they try to kill the infant? They say they’re excited and they can’t wait to meet our newest addition next spring. But at the same time, my littlest of littles is constantly using her wand to cast spells on my stomach. She says she’s just joking when she abracadabras the baby into a slug, but I think I should be concerned.


Mommy 2


You would think that the hardest part right now would be the morning sickness and the downright exhaustion of having to run after two monsters with one in the oven. Oddly enough, the real hard part for me has been people’s reactions. Friends and family alike. Seriously. The things they say and the looks on their faces. How have some of these humans made it this far in life without getting shunned out of society and sent to live alone on the tippy top of some dangerous mountain somewhere? How have you survived on these social skills? Where were your elders to teach you common decency and human interaction 101?


Allow me to share with you some of the wonderful things people have said to me:

This must’ve been an accident, right? There’s no way you actually planned to have another baby!

Your husband must hate you right now.


There goes your social life! Haha. See you in 5 years.

I don’t think you should have any more children.


And my all time favorite:

But why?


So, I would like to take this opportunity on behalf of all mamas out there to give you some tips. No matter what your personal opinion is, the correct thing to say is:

Congratulations! I wish you the best!


mommy 3


It’s as simple as that. It’s short and sweet and hits the spot every time. Trust me, I have a lot I can say about your life. I can be just as judgmental and I can just as easily talk down to you from the tippy top of my nose. But I don’t… or at least I try not to. Because it’s not my life. It’s yours. And you are free to live it any way you’d like. And as your friend it is my job to encourage your happiness and growth without shutting you down or stripping you of the joy you might feel in your heart. So unless I ask you for money, don’t worry about my financials. Until I ask you to drop everything and babysit, don’t worry your little head about how I’m going to handle this.

Don’t get me wrong. We have received a lot of love. Tons. I’ve been getting support from people left and right applauding the fact that my sanity is still somewhat in tact. I love it. The love they’re sending our way is making every day better and better. But to all the haters out there, you ain’t seen nothing yet.



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