Farouk El- Fishawy Obituary

After a long struggle with cancer, El-Fishawy died at the age of 67. During the 34th edition of the Alexandria Mediterranean Film Festival, after being honoured, El-Fishawy announced that he was struggling with cancer for a long time. However, he said that he will strongly face his disease and will deal with it as simply as he deals with a headache. “I will defeat the disease with determination and will, and next year I will be here again at the very same festival,” he told the attendees. 

According to Egypt Today, El-Fishawy unfortunately suffered from severe health deterioration in his last few days and eventually fell into a deep coma. The funeral is going to take place today at Mostafa Mahmoud mosque in Cairo.

The late actor’s last work was his participation in the successful Egyptian play “King Lear” alongside actor Yehia El-Fakharani. Since the beginning of his film career back in 1976, El-Fishawy starred in more than 130 movies. He was also considered to be one of the most charming actors in the Egyptian film industry. He also starred, co-starred and appeared in 80 different TV series as well as 15 other plays and theatre acts.

He was awarded for best actor in a leading role an the African Academy Movie Awards. The National Theater Festival also announced the honouring of El-Fishawy during its 12th edition which is scheduled to take place on August 17th of this year. under the chairmanship of Ahmed Abdel Aziz.

WE SAID THIS: May his soul rest in peace. Our hearts go out to his family.