From Our Family to Yours: Hassan Allam Properties Just Reintroduced Their Corporate Brand

Even though the contemporary Egyptian economy proved to be full of challenges, it also proved to be full of opportunities. The dynamic and competitive market we’re living in opens a space for excellence and innovation. In addition, prominent entrepreneurs and business leaders look for success models and case studies to implement so that they can achieve the highest results. One corporation that is redefining brand superiority is Hassan Allam Properties (HAP), and if you wonder why, we’ll tackle the reasons in this piece.

HAP’s new corporate campaign introduced their new corporate brand, with a new logo and signature line; “From Our Family To Yours”. Their newest campaign simply reinstated awareness of the graciousness of the nationwide portfolio of mega-urban and seaside projects. Every flagship project, by the leading real estate corporation, solidified itself immensely in the real estate market; but by drawing the link between these projects and their mother brand, HAP, they totally flexed their muscles and showcased their superiority.

Park View New Cairo, Little Venice Golf Resort Sokha, and Seasons New Cairo are some of the outstanding projects by the developer, in addition to four Swan Lake projects; October, North Coast, Katameya, and El Gouna! The brand simply demonstrated through their OOH campaign that they do not need to claim glorified promises; leaving a space for their heritage to tell their tale.

The prestigious brand manifested through the three black and white visuals, in their latest campaign, that they simply own time. The first visual, “For Generations to Come”, signifies the relationship between the old and the new generation; the passing down of experience and showing a timeless physical and emotional connection between promising new beginnings and wise expertise.

The second one, “Looking After Heritage”, demonstrates how the current generation is taking HAP’s legacy to a whole new level and progressive horizons, without losing sight of the heritage and brand promise. The image signifies an accurate recital of how HAP is bound by family-oriented unity, trust, and heritage.

As for the third visual, “Investing in a Lifetime”, portrays the future with two hands uniting in a wedlock; showing promise, and confirming the vows and duties that stem from a lifelong bond. HAP offers infinite investment opportunities that are backed up and solidified by the extent of how they are believable, truthful, and unique.

Hassan Allam Properties walked their talk by proving why their legacy is second to none, and with this campaign they’re setting a new marketing and branding trend that will revolutionize the whole scene.

WE SAID THIS: We’re super proud of the Egyptian real estate tycoons, who set the standards bar immensely high for everyone else.