Expired and Fabulous: Faiza Rammuny is Teaching You How to Move On and Be You No Matter What

By Malak Khaled

Faiza K.A.Rammuny, a 35-year-old United States-based Instagram star and Youtube sensation, who quit her job as a writer to become an influencer and a relationship advisor.

Born on the 1st of September 1984, Faiza grew up to an Arab family in Chicago, United States. She creates Arab-inspired content that is deeply genuine, personal and brutally honest opinions in form of blog entries, concerning many topics such as parents and relationships, she sometimes even creates this content from a more comedic point of view or approach represented in short videos of her playing different characters like herself with an Arab mother or an Arab father in order to show different ideologies of Arab parents.

Faiza is a writer turned relationship advisor and blogger who has been assisting people in their search for love. After going through heartbreak and researching the matter, she rebuilt her life which made her publish her first audio-book “From Broken to FABULOUS,” which is intended to help people through heartbreak by moving on and starting a new life.

She grew up in a very traditional family living in the Western world. This meant that complying with “social norms” and caring about “reputation” was important for her image as well as her family’s image.

A few years ago, in her tear-jerking video, Faiza says: “In our culture, if you lose your reputation, you lose everything. That’s what you’re raised to believe,” she expresses her pain and agony due to the emotional abuse she faced in a failed relationship as a Muslim Arab woman.

“It can be very suffocating to Muslim-Arabs growing up in the U.S surrounded by so many freedoms that are not allowed to have in their own home,” says Rammuny.

She also says that “[her] videos open up a dialogue about things that need to change with Muslim-Arabs, while still allowing us to laugh at ourselves” 

Faiza always advises people to be themselves, not let society, culture, or family drag them down, she also tells them to let mistakes shape and mold them and encourages them to find people who would accept them for who they are, not who they want them to be.

Many people have opinions and things to say about Faiza’s approach to life as well as her content including HuffPost that described her as the “Carrie Bradshaw Arab”

HudaBeauty chose her for #WomanBossWednesday saying “Not only is [she] funny, her Instagram channel guarantees you’ll be binge-watching her videos and looking for at least 30 minutes, but Faiza is also a huge inspiration! Going against family and cultural expectations, Faiza came through to share her struggles, make us laugh, and be an agony aunt to all of us – seriously, message her with your relationship issues, and she will be there! Her main message is self-love, and we couldn’t agree with her more.”

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