17 Grooming Tips For Men With Badass Beards

By Alex Rogers

Growing a beard is one of today’s most running fashionable looks, and after it, beard grooming should be your next step. The beard is a symbol of masculinity for many, as well as an expression of their personality.

So below are the top five grooming tips for men with badass beards.

Love your beard

When you learn to love your beard, you automatically start to care for your beard. Then your beard will be your lovable asset, and you will start giving it the priority it needs as well as extra attention. So try to love your beard first. This also includes the style you decide to choose for your beard.

Select a specific style

There are many different beard styles. Every style has its own identity. But the cruel truth is every style can’t suit every face, or everyone can’t be genetically gifted about the beard. So choose a style that works for your face.

Choosing any style your face shape is a critical issue. You have to choose your beard style based on your face shape.

If you have round face shape, you can try goatee, chin strap, or soul patch beard style.

If you have square face shape, you can try goatee with a mustache, Balbo, or chin strap. In this case, you should avoid a full beard.

Photo by Mídia from Pexels

Decide your desire length

If you have a Ducktail beard, then try to comb your ducktail beard when you shape it frequently. Also, don’t make an extremely sharp point. Sometimes a little round shape also looks good.

The oblong face should try the mutton chops beard style. Those with a rectangle face can try an extended goatee, chin, or full beard.

If you have a triangle face, then you can try the Balbo, chin certainly with mustache or goatee.

For inverted triangle face mutton chop, chin curtain and extended goatee is the best option.

The luckiest face shape is a diamond face shape. Almost all kinds of beard styles will suit this face shape.

Be patient

A really epic beard is the result of patience. When you first begin growing your beard, fight the temptation to trim or style, and abandon it untouched for the initial 4-6 weeks.

Clean and wash your beard

Cleaning your beard is another essential part of grooming. You ought to wash your beard regularly like you wash your face.

Taking care of your skin after shaving is also crucial

Since you’re presently the glad proprietor of a kickass beard, that doesn’t mean the skin underneath your Van Dyke, Ducktail, or Short Boxed Beard doesn’t need some consideration from time to time. Great skin is the base for a sound and healthy beard.

Comb your beard properly

If you have a full beard, then please brush/comb it before you go out. You will require a wide toothbrush/comb, a thin tooth comb, and an attested brush.

Use Enhancements

Oil your Beard

Once you’ve gone full beard and you have some wild greenery to manage, you’ll need to put resources into some beard oil. Beard oil keeps the beard delicate and sensible. It has qualities and attributes that deal with the skin underneath your beard too. Quality beard oil can give your new fluffy companion a beautiful sheen while keeping it smooth to the touch.

Moisturize your beard

Your beard, particularly for guys who want significant, shaggy facial hair needs to be moisturized. Lotion with sunscreen will secure against sun damage and intemperate drying, both of which are entirely hurtful for your skin.

Wax your beard

Though it is not mandatory for all kinds of beard style those who keep handlebar mustache or Fu Manchu should use well-branded beard wax, a touch of beard wax can go far to accomplishing that adapted bristle quality you’ve been pursuing.

Photo by Kevin Bidwell from Pexels

Use the right tools to take care of your beard

Beard grooming is a significant undertaking, but once you figure out the right products, it could be a reasonably straightforward process to maintain an attractive beard.

To help you get right into it, we’ve rounded up some of the best beard products you’d need to create the ultimate grooming experience and keep your beard in tip-top condition. So, continue reading other beard enthusiasts and go on and snag these products to transform your beard.

A decent beard wash and conditioner

Getting the dirt out of your beard doesn’t have to be complicated. Similar to other swatches of hair on the body, you need to cleanse your beard regularly, and a good beard wash helps you do just that.

Formulated especially for your face, with less sensitive ingredients that leave your face feeling cool and refreshed, a beard wash can be used as regularly as needed.

For extra flair, you can combine beard wash with an excellent conditioner to increase and help retain moisturize depending on your beard texture. Just lather, rinse, repeat, and see how your hairs soften and shine with each wash.

A good beard balm

It’s likely that a rinse-able conditioner won’t hold the moisture in your wild locks to keep it tame throughout the day. That’s where you’d find a beard balm most useful. A good beard balm will act as a leave-in conditioner, profoundly moisturizing your facial hair and leaving the strands hydrated and without the frizz.

A dash of beard oil

Don’t be deceived by the ‘oil’ aspect of beard oils, and these oils won’t cause your locks to be greasy. Instead, they’d do the opposite if you use them correctly. A few drops will go a long way, regardless of your beard length. Apply sparingly after a wash and watch your beard immediately feel moisturized, less patchy, and more delightful to touch.

A wooden beard comb

Try not to let tangles leave you feeling defeated about growing a nice beard. While it may appear to be an overkill to have a separate comb just for your beard, combing it out after a wash and applying oils is very useful for proper beard care.

It helps disseminate those oils throughout the hair and stretches out your beard to allow you to go through it with ease.

Maintain a healthy diet

Another essential part of beard care is maintaining a healthy diet.

Experts say that proper nutrition, vitamins, and protein will give you a faster growth of your beard. They also say that avoiding alcohol will also help you to keep a hygienic and healthy beard.

So maintaining a healthy diet is crucial for having healthy skin, which in turn will give you a good looking beard.                       

About the author: Alex is a beard aficionado who loves everything to do with men’s style and grooming. After discovering how much difference simple style and grooming made to his life; he started his blog and brand Norse Grooming to share valuable tips & products with others.

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