Everything You Need to Know About Dubai’s Meydan One Mall

Via Meydan One Mall
Via Meydan One Mall


Malls aren’t that much of a big deal, to be honest. So what if a new mall is going to open in Dubai? Well, this one is going to stand out. The designs for Meydan One Mall have just been released, and oh my, they look glorious.


Via Meydan One Mallv


Something quite tells us it’s going to be the go-to shopping and entertainment destination for so many people. From a dancing fountain that’s surrounded by a man-made beach to 620 stores, we’re pretty sure you won’t need anything once you enter the mall. There will also be a 1km long indoor ski slope and a central canyon.


Via Meydan One Mall


Unfortunately, Meydan One Mall won’t be open until 2020.



WE SAID THIS: Their dancing fountain is set to be the largest in the world, obviously.