6 Things Arabs Should Know When Moving to Los Angeles

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via lonely planet


Thinking of moving to the City of Angels? Yes, picking apartments might not seem like the hardest thing in the world because, hello, they have some of the best apartments in LA, but picking a place to live cannot be done without considering details (really) carefully, especially when it comes to our Arab pickiness.


Apartment shopping requires attention towards smaller specifications, and it’s not a minor decision that can be made inattentively, it needs all your ears and eyes open. If you plan on moving to LA, expect to have the “house-picking issues.”


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The apartment’s location is very crucial; there is a difference between big city and small town as their lifestyles are different if compared to one another. There might be things that you would not find in a big city. Here’s what you need to know:



You will find all kinds of places to live and all sorts of people to contact with.


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A big city is full of people and venues. From atelier apartments LA to Alder apartment in Northridge, the choice will be yours.



Routine is entirely different.


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You must understand that the lifestyles of people from the big cities and small towns are poles apart. You will not find the same things in the major cities that you were used to in your homeland. It will demand some time to be familiar with the place, so do not blame anyone for this.



Public transportation is the absolute best and you will fall in love with it.


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Here comes the good part in moving in an apartment of a big city: Public transport is going to be at your disposal whenever you need it.



A person might also face parking problems.


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As you already know, big cities are jam-packed! There are loads of people on the streets and countless cars on the roads; you will hardly find the place to park your car. Above all, there are strict parking rules that you would like to review before shifting to your new apartment.



Living in a big city will be expensive.


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You should have enough knowledge about the big city you that you’re moving to. You might not have gone through lots of expensive items when living in smaller towns, but in bigger cities, you’ll find all kinds of brands and stores with highly priced items.



Do not sign a lease with a stranger.


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You can’t trust anyone, especially someone you don’t know. You need to know the person first and then sign a contract with them.



WE SAID THIS: Knowing all these things, you will find it easier to live in a big city. You will be prepared for the things that can happen.