Every Woman in Egypt Wants This Hug Ya Ged3an

 Yes, we freaked out when we saw Ahmed Helmy holding Mona Zaki like that after she won best actress at The Arabian Film Awards. Mona, we know you think we should be losing our shit over your accomplishments, but honestly we don’t care. You just ruined our lives and left us stuffing our faces with donuts, crying over our forever single status.

Now if you are wondering why we are overreacting over a hug when clearly we see celebrity couples embracing all the time, let us break down this disaster for you.




First of all, Ahmed Helmy manafsensh when his wife excelled at what she does



Every woman at one point of her life suffered from a man who was intimidated by her success.




Second, he expressed his emotions publicly




Do you know how difficult it is for men to show feelings in front of their friends and co-workers? My dad calls my mom with her father’s name in 2016.




Third, he managed to blend humor with love




Dammo khafif w yet7ab. Gatko elghamm ya regala.




Fourth, they’ve been married for years




So we couldn’t help but compare them to our boyfriends who choose Playstation over listening to our stories and we’ve only been dating for a year.




Yes Mona Zaki, you just had to go and hug your husband and leave the entire Egyptian female population feeling needy as f**k. Ehna na2senek!




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