Essential Apps for Your Trip to Dubai

Dubai, a land where the old and the new merge beautifully, it is among the most visited travel destinations in the Middle East. With so much going on in Dubai at any particular time, it often becomes difficult to know what, where, and when to do to all that it has to offer.

Another fascinating aspect of Dubai is that there is always something new to do around the corner. There are entertainment options galore in every direction and exotic food experiences that tourists here can enjoy and relish to their heart’s content.

While that is an excellent opportunity to experience Dubai’s local culture and attractions, it also means there are sightseeing trips an unprepared first-time visitor might miss out on. To make your visit more straightforward and informed in Dubai, it would be worth downloading some of the following apps to help guide you through this amazing land of wonders.  


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An essential part of any travel is getting used to local transportation. Public transport in Dubai is quite extensive and includes buses, water transport, monorail, and trams. You can access all information of the city’s public transport networks through the RTA Dubai app. However, you will need to hire a taxi after making the most of Dubai’s shopping malls as not all areas of the city are covered by public transit. For that, download Uber UAE or Careem. The latter is just a local version of Uber, who recently acquired the company. 


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Dubai is quite progressive in its thinking, but it also follows strict rules and laws based on local ethos and beliefs. As a result, you will find many websites blocked in the region. This can prove to be problematic for some people.

For example, imagine a mega sporting event taking place that you want to bet on, but find out that your favourite betting site is inaccessible in Dubai. You can no longer look at the advanced odds. Check out the best free picks, or gather essential up-to-date information before the match starts. The first thought is to download a VPN. But VPN websites are also blocked in Dubai. So, the only way to go around it is to have a VPN installed on your phone or mobile device before entering Dubai.


To get the best of all of Dubai’s attractions, it would be worth having not one, but a few tourist apps on your phone. The good thing is that Dubai has some of the best apps for free available on both Android and iOS.

Dubai Tourism and Definitely Dubai are two essential apps to have on your phone to get information on all the latest happenings in the city. If you enjoy walking, download the Dubai Maps and Walks app for self-guided walking tours. Time Out Dubai is perfect for discovering the best sales and shopping destinations in the city. For food lovers, Zomato and Food on Click are excellent choices that will lead you to the best culinary experiences in the city.

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