Embrace the Possibility of Failure


I am so afraid of success that I’m not sure I really like it with all of its over-branding and grandeur. But the possibility of failure, the adrenaline rush, the excitement, the risk, that feeling I get right before I jump into the unknown: AHHHH I LOVE THAT!

I like trying new things, going through new experiences and being innovative in all sorts of ways. And I guess this is the same with every entrepreneur. The risk of failure gives you the chance to test yourself and your abilities and your coolness. It is a challenge that you give yourself.

It’s all pretty exciting, really. But success? This is freaky!

“Success” is so over-rated in our society. What IS success? When do you become “successful”? Is it when you’re rich? When you’re famous? When you’ve reached the goals you have set for yourself?

To me, success is nothing at all. Because when a person is very successful at one thing, they are probably not that successful in other areas. Right?

Success is a double-edged sword. It holds you back. When you are so successful at doing something, you are forced to keep doing it. Just as you drive inspiration for others, it is also a commitment to be up to their expectations – and your own.

After all, you are “successful” doing this one thing. So it takes a bigger effort to change your focus; your development in different areas decreases. Plus, when you are “successful”, the challenge of working on something else and struggling with it and taking a risk on a new idea becomes a lot less appealing.

I’d rather do something with the potential to fail than be sure of success. Because when something is expected to be a definite win, anyone else could have probably done it. The chance to fail is amazing. It’s an adventure; a calling.

Always take risks. Don’t shy away from the possibility to fail. Failure makes you grow, it makes you a stronger and more experienced person. It makes you interesting and gives you lots of stories to tell.

But be careful; don’t let failure make you become bitter. Embrace the possibility of failure and use it to grow.



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