El Morag3a El Neha2eya: A Hilarious Commentary on Egyptian Rap and the Art of Wordplay

We’ve all seen the impressive rise of the Egyptian rap scene in the past couple of years, and how a new generation of rappers took the genre to new heights and totally changed the game. As people have different interpretations of this latest boom, there is a new content creator that has the most hilarious perspective, well worth a watch.

Egyptian filmmaker and content creator, Hady Bassiony, created a video on his new YouTube Channel, El Morag3a El Neha2eya, that talks about the art of wordplay and its origins in Egyptian culture. The YouTube Channel has only a couple of videos now other than the rap episode, but its content is promising and will definitely go viral.

The way the videos are edited alongside the hilarious commentary is, by all means, very entertaining. You’ve heard it here first, this channel and its creator are definitely going places, and we’ll all be waiting for the next episodes and topics.

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