Eid On The Couch? 6 Ramadan 2024 Series To Binge Watch 

This year, more than 50 series aired during Ramadan. Let’s face it: nobody had the time to watch every single episode of every single series. Some people also opt to skip watching series altogether and instead focus on the spiritual aspect of the holy month.

So, if you don’t watch TV during Ramadan, or if you feel you might have missed out on some gems this year, and you’re planning to spend Eid at home, here are six shows for you to binge-watch this Eid!

Selat Rahem

That’s probably one of the major hits of this year’s Ramadan lineup. It brilliantly showcases a controversial, taboo topic, which is surrogacy, and explores some pretty heavy societal issues. By the time the credits roll on episode 15, you’ll be left in awe. If you missed this gem, you need to catch up! 

Ashghal Sha’a

No one can undermine the buzz that Ashghal Sha’a has caused. Relying on natural, unforced comedy, this series has truly set a high standard for comedy series production. It talked about the lives of two parents who have just given birth to twins and are on the hunt for some helping hands with house chores. 

However, we still feel that the pace of events was a bit slow (and we stand by our word).

El Hashashin

The largest production in TV history, El Hashashin is a series you shouldn’t miss! Even if you caught it during Ramadan, the story unveiling the journey of Hassan-i Sabbah, the leader of the assassins, deserves a rewatch with undivided attention. So, grab a cup of mint tea and binge-watch this series (and maybe take some notes).

A’la Nesbet Moshahda

Discussing a crucial topic, Salma Abu Deif’s A’la Nesbet Moshahda should be high on your “what to watch” list this Eid. It discusses the idea of ‘trends’ and the ‘dark’ side of social media, so it’s one not to be missed if you ask us. 

Bedoon Sabeq Enzar

This one jumps into the top series of the month without any warning. Although we know there are lots of plot holes and some lacking character development, we can’t argue with the fact that Asser Yassin’s ‘Bedoon Sabeq Enzar’ is spotlighting a truly thought-provoking, controversial tragedy.

Masar Egbari

Harmoniously depicting the story of two brothers whose paths intertwine as they journey side by side throughout the series, ‘Masar Egbari’ is a heartwarming tale that deserves attention this Eid.

While you can spend your time watching traditional iconic theatrical productions in Eid, such as ‘Madraset El Moshaghbin,’ we believe you can also get some laughs, a thought or two, or a cry by binge-watching one of these shows during the holiday!

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