Egypt’s Local Production Of VACSERA-SINOVAC To Supply Africa’s Demands

The Egyptian-German Cooperation

During a recent press conference, Health Minister Hala Zayed expressed her sincere gratitude to Germany for donating 2.3 million doses of the AstraZeneca vaccine to Egypt.

It is worth noting that Egypt has always had strong relations with Germany in various fields. Now the two countries are working together to provide vaccines for countries most in need. Zayed will visit Germany next week to discuss boosting their cooperation with leading companies in the production of Covid-19 vaccines and the medical field in general.

Egyptian-German Cooperation

Germany’s donation of AstraZeneca came via COVAX, arriving at the Cairo International Airport in two shipments: 1.5 million doses on Wednesday, and 850,560 doses on Monday.

Hartmann said Egypt’s vaccination campaign is “very ambitious,” praising the government’s goal of vaccinating 50% of the population by the end of 2021.

Egypt’s Production Line of VACSERA-Sinovac Vaccines Will Meet The Demand Of African Countries

Egypt’s local production of VACSERA-Sinovac vaccines will be able to meet African countries’ demand in approximately 45 days, Egypt’s health ministry said on Thursday.

As the health minister announced: “Egypt currently produces two million doses of the WHO-approved VACSERA-Sinovac per week, adding that by the end of December Egypt will have manufactured 80 million doses.”

A new production line in the VACSERA factory located in El Dokki will be inaugurated in five weeks, Zayed added that it will raise the total production capacity to one million doses per day.

The Sinovac vaccine has been approved by 12 European countries so far.

Zayed’s remarks came during a joint press conference on Thursday with the German Ambassador in Cairo, Frank Hartmann, where means of bilateral cooperation to provide coronavirus vaccines were discussed.

Based on the minister’s health statements, in the recently held conference: Egypt’s local production of VACSERA-Sinovac vaccination will be able to cover the country’s demand for the vaccination and we will be able to vaccinate every Egyptian citizen within a very short time.

Also, the local production of the vaccine is going to extend to cover the needs of the neighbouring countries in Africa that are in critical need of a quick supply of the vaccination to be able to control the outspread of the pandemic within the continent.

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