Egypt’s Darling: Young Skater Salma ElSakka Carries Olympic Flag In Historic Winter Youth Games Moment

Marking a historic moment in Egyptian sports, young Figure Skater Salma ElSakka had the special honor of carrying the Olympic flag for the first time ever during the opening ceremony of South Korea’s 2024 Gangwon Winter Youth Olympic Games.

The beauty of the moment stemmed from ElSakka being one of 6 athletes who earned the opportunity to proudly hold up their country’s flag during the major event.

What’s also special about these 6 athletes is how they were handpicked to train in a sport that’s not available in their own country through a special program.

Dubbed the ‘Dream Program,’ 6 special athletes were invited to the Korean county, Pyeongchang, to train and experience skiing and skating. With it being the first time for Egypt to take part in the program, which was launched back in 2004, it was a momentous moment for the country and may even put Egypt on the global map of winter sports.

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