Egyptians Are Warning Each Other About Amr Diab’s Newest Shirt

Summer is nothing but a new Amr Diab album. We worship the man. He is an Egyptian icon like no other. We dance, cry our hearts out and get married to his tunes. Diab is one of those few artists who can touch every soul that listens to his melodies.


Via Amr Diab


It is not just his music that leaves such an impact on all his fans, it’s his unique sense of fashion as well. We will never forget the polka dots shirt from “Bel 7obb Etgama3na,” the white loose pants from “3awedooni,” the “Tamali Ma3ak” pullover or that black leather jacket from “A7la We A7la” album cover.


Via Amr Diab


Whatever the man wears, we follow. Thus our financial status and Egypt’s drowning economy has made it impossible for us to keep up with the diva. This summer, Diab’s long awaited album teaser just came out and people lost it over his shirt. Rumors are circulating everywhere. Some people shared photos of a similar shirt by All Saints for GBP 85, while others claimed that it was a Gucci shirt for over USD 350, but the sad truth is no matter how much it is, we can’t afford it.


As much as fans are going ballistic over the Hawaiian tiger print shirt, social media is packed with hilarious pleas and warnings. Just because Diab looks hot in it, it doesn’t mean you can pull it off. Check out the funny reactions below:


Caption reads: You can buy the original for EGP 8100 or the fake one EGP 375. I’d rather not stand out.


Caption reads: Amr Diab’s shirt is sold in Carrefour for EGP 2000. My mom has a bed sheet the same color, I’ll tailor my own shirt and pants.



Caption reads: Rumor has it that the Gucci shirt costs over USD 700. I remember the Tamali M3ak pullover that cost us EGP 75.


Caption reads: Amr Diab’s shirt with Amir Karara’s moustache alongside a floral shirt and a fur slipper would make a nasty couple.



Caption reads: Diab’s shirt only suits him. It won’t fit a man with Selim Ansari’s moustache and Bassem Morsy’s looks.


Caption reads: Thought I’d buy Diab’s shirt, found it for GBP 85 which is almost EGP 2000 without taxed and customs, so I decided to be like everyone else.


Caption reads: We expect this summer to be filled with Diab’s shirt and Karara’s moustache.


Caption reads: Please Please do not wear Diab’s shirt or imitate his neck tattoo. You are beautiful the way you are.



Whatever you do, just don’t over do it with the tiger please


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