Egyptians Hilariously React to Sending Turtles to Eat Sahel’s Jellyfishes

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Jellyfishes have invaded our summer vacations, and Egyptians are furious about the unpleasant surprise. The The North Coast’s beaches have been packed with thousands of jellyfishes and no one was safe. We’ve all been stung, everyone smelled like vinegar and Sahel is officially ruined.


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To our surprise, Egypt’s Ministry of Environmental Affairs took it upon themselves to save our summer. Apparently, the one thing that fearlessly attacks jellyfish is turtles. They feast on the gelatinous creatures, hence why the ministry sent out 40 turtles to get rid of them.


As usual, Egyptians had a lot to say about the green heroes of 2017. From comparing them to the Ninja Turtles, calling them the underground army of Egypt to doubting their powers, check out the hilarious reactions below:











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